Yenkoranu Homestay


Yenkoranu name taken from origin local language to call for powder-smooth white sand (yen) and the king (koranu). Yenkoranu Home Stay consist of 6 bungalows (10 rooms) and were built in ……with native Papuan style. You will find us at

Yenkoranu Home stay located in Kri Island, it took about 40 minutes boat ride from Waisai (capital city of Raja Ampat County). As we stand on the North side of Kri Island, this tropical paradise is one of only two properties on Yenkoranu that is directly on a secluded, blazing-red sunset.

On the white sandy beach with calm wave, you are guaranteed privacy- no unwelcome visitors. The enchanting sea casts a strong spell on many visitors. Its colorful coral beauty is known as the last paradise on earth. Only by going a few meters down by to the shallow seabed, crystal clear waters will reveal multi-colored tame marine fishes.

Yenkoranu’s Standart room IDR 600,000 /day (2 persons).
Yenkoranu’s Exclusive room IDR 900,000 /day (2 persons).
Including : 3 meals, all-day free coffee/tea, fresh fruits and handmade cookies.

Pick up and delivery (waisai – yenkoranu) 2way IDR 1.100,000 / boat.

5 days packages (IDR 8,900,000)
Dive point : Yenkoranu, Warasnus, Endabon, Tapordura, Mambetrom, Wararema, reefs.
Jungle track : Sawinggrai, Miosfun.
Snorkel : Ransiwor, Kooy.

6 days packages (IDR 10,600,000)
Dive Point : Kooy, Chicken, Sardines, Blue magic, Miosfun, Yanderenkri, Rodi, Otdima reefs.
Jungle track : Piyainemo, gulf of Gam.
Snorkel : Piyainemo, gulf of Gam.

We are ready and happy to organize a dive package with Yenkoranu Dive if you like. We can pre-book your dives, or you can arrange these once you arrive.

With Yenkoranu Dive you will dive to many of the legendary Raja Ampat dive sites where beautiful colored fish swim in and out of the hard and soft corals. Mostly of Raja Ampat has strong tidal currents which provide a constant flow of nutrients, idyllic for soft coral growth and fish life.

There are 3 boats allowing us to cater to a variety of group sizes. All of the dives include weights, belts, tanks, fills, boat, guide and refreshments. Our Dive Assistant Instructors or Divemasters – there to maximize your safety and enjoyment.



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