Waisai Beach Hotel


Holiday to Raja Ampat in West Papua is not always synonymous with expensive price. Waisai Beach Hotel in Waisai for example, try to offer the cheapest hotels in Raja Ampat. Cost per night from Rp 300 thousand.

Variety of resorts and hotels lie in Raja Ampat. Fun, each inn is close to beautiful beaches and diving spot. Waisai Beach Hotel is located on the island of Waisai is one specialty that travelers can occupy. Claimed that the price is the cheapest in Raja Ampat!

“Price per night here from Rp 450.000. For in Raja Ampat, the most expensive to the hotel, because the hotel an average of USD 400 per night,” said manager Waisai Beach Hotel, Ade Setiabudi

Waisai Beach Hotel has 8 rooms, two standard rooms for Rp 300 thousand and six superior rooms Rp 385 thousand. The difference is, that the superior has a bathroom inside and a more complete amenities.

Waisai Beach Hotel is located near the beach Waisai Beloved (WTC) and the gift shop Raja Ampat. You can play at the seashore, or hunt for souvenirs such as carved statues and masks made in the Raja Ampat.

To arrive at Waisai Beach Hotel, tourists can take a regular boat departing at 14.00 CET each of Sorong. The regular boats are Boat Express worth USD 120 thousand to travel about 2 hours. There are also regular boat at a cost of Rp 160.000, but the journey takes about 2 hours

Rate: Rp. 450.000/night/single or double including breakfast

High and peak season apply from november 01-April 30 surcharge Rp. 150.000/night/room

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